Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fewer people are homeless...I blame Obama

This report from HUD documenting a continuing decline in homelessness didn't get much attention while everyone was freaking out about Ebola and ISIS.

In 2014 state and local planning agencies reported that since 2010:
  • Number of homeless people has dropped 10%.
  • Number of homeless people who are unsheltered dropped 25%
  • Veteran homeless dropped 33%
  • Chronic long-term homeless dropped 21%
  • Number of families with children who are experiencing homelessness dropped 15%
  • Number of unsheltered homeless families dropped 53%
It reminded me that Michael Grunwald - in his book The New New Deal - was the only journalist who noticed that, tucked away inside the 2009 stimulus bill, was this little nugget.
...the administration dusted off a tiny Bush-era experiment in preventing homelessness and ramped it up sixtyfold using stimulus dollars, ultimately helping 1.2 million Americans on the verge of being evicted from their homes.
You can read more about the ongoing effort HUD credits for this success - Opening Doors - which was created in 2010.

And so, for the "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" crowd...yet another Obama administration success story.

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  1. Wish this were true in my city, but our mayor has ignored HUD opportunities in favor of bread and circuses. Our homeless population grows since CA has the highest rate of poverty in the nation as measured in the disconnect between income and housing (and other) costs. We could do this if we tried. It is a choice of policy concerns, and if you're focused on a good Tier 3 city becoming "world class" as if that were possible, then you will abandon all who don't fit the image of glitz and glitter and you will keep the homeless unhoused.