Thursday, October 14, 2021

why i've been awol

i'm so sorry to have been awol lately. on sunday i fell and broke my wrist. right now i'm limited to one hand typing - hence the lack of capitalization. i'm scheduled for surgery on monday and have been told that i'll only be in a cast for a couple of weeks after that. so i should be back soon.


  1. That sucks Nancy. Here's to good healing.

  2. So sorry to hear it. Feel better fast.

  3. Ouch! I'm very sorry to hear that, both you falling and the broken wrist.
    Glad you didn't hit your head.
    Hope you heal up well.

  4. So sorry to hear. That's rough. Take care. Sending good healing vibes.

  5. Hope surgery went well and turns out to help.

  6. I missed your posts very much. You are a bright spot in a nut-filled world.


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