Monday, January 24, 2022

Who Knew Paul McCartney Was Such a Good Dad?

I recently watched the "Get Back" documentary series about the Beatles. Not being a musician, there were long parts (especially during the first episode) that were pretty tedious to me. But my favorite part came during the third episode when Paul McCartney's soon-to-be wife Linda came to the studio and brought her daughter Heather. After Paul and Linda married, he formally adopted Heather.

It's clear from the footage that Heather was a self-confident, precocious six year old. She played and interacted amusingly with all of the band members. 

But what stood out to me was the bond between Paul and Heather. A few still shots from that day tell the story.

For people my age (ie, old), we grew up with the Beatles. Paul's reputation was as a lead singer and the "cute one." Of course, we later saw him as one of the most talented song writers of the modern era. But until I saw this, I never knew he was such a great dad. It isn't just the rapt attention he shows with Heather, it is her complete trust in him that shines through - something that can't be staged.

When the Beatles broke up shortly after these sessions, Paul credits Linda with being the one who helped pull him out of depression. His song "Maybe I'm Amazed" was his tribute to her. But based on the more recently remastered video of that song, it is clear that Heather played a pretty important role as well. 

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